Cotton Canvas Tents

Our glamping fleet consists of traditional bell tents, made from 100% cotton canvas. Tents are manufactured for commercial made with heavy duty canvas and PVC ground sheet.


The Range Tent

Based on a traditional cowboy tipi design, these canvas tents are about as authentic as they come. Small and compact, and made with a breathing natural material. Ideal for kids, young adult or singles.


The Bell Tent

These simple natural canvas tents are a bit more spacious and elegant. The sides of roll up to let the breeze through on hot summer days. Ideal for couples or families. Available in three different sizes.

The Range Tent Description

Our small Range Tents are ideal for kids or young adults.

Size | 2.4m x 2.4m, sleeps 2 people

The handmade cotton Range tent, also called a Herder or Pyramid tent, was originally designed for working cowboys in North America. The modernised tipi is still made in the same way today, using durable cotton canvas, the same type of fabric that was used to make up the sails of the ships that originally brought settlers to the U.S.A.

The Bell Tent Description

Our spacious Bell Tents are ideal for two people.

Size | Medium (4.5m diameter)

Authentic 100% cotton canvas heavy duty tents are a light sandy colour. Each tent has four windows and roof vents, with mosquito netting.

Used as guest accommodation or upgraded as bridal suite, the standard tents come furnished with beds, linen, rugs and lighting. Decor and equipment can be customised to suit particular event requirements.

Camp Size

Glamping Camp Sizes (customised):

The following camp sizes are available (to be used as an indication only)

12 pax in 6 x twin or double tents
16 pax in 8 x twin or double tents
24 pax in 12 x twin or double tents
28 pax in 14 twin or double tents
Minimum camp size: 6 Bell Tents
Maximum camp size: 14 Bell Tents

Tent Configuration

The Range Tent Sleeping Configuration:

Small Range Tent (2.4 x 2.4m)
Sleeps 2 people on single or a double mattress on the floor.

The Range tent is the smallest tent in our fleet, and ideal as kids accommodation in our bigger camps, or when space is limited. Raised beds are not available in the Range Tents.

The Bell Tent Sleeping Configuration:

Small Bell Tent (4m diameter)
Sleeps 2 adults on 2 single beds

Medium Bell Tent (4.5m diameter)
Sleeps 2 adults on 1 king size bed

Large Bell Tent (5m diameter)
Sleeps 2 adults on 1 king size bed + 2 single floor beds for kids OR Sleeps 4 adults on 4 single floor beds

Site Requirements


Our tents are anchored with steel pegs and stakes, and cannot be erected on paved or tarred surfaces.

Lawn, medium to hard surface – GOOD
Concrete, tar, paving – NOT SUITABLE
Sandy terrain – Specialist pegs required – ON REQUEST
Rocky & very hard terrain – Specialist pegs required – ON REQUEST

Space Allowance:

Please use the below size guide to determine the amount of level space required for each tent to allow enough room for both tent and guy ropes to be anchored efficiently. In addition please keep in mind that guests need to be able to access the entrance of their tent, if tents are set up in a cluster additional space will be required to move between tents.

Small Bell Tent (4m diameter size) | 6m x 6m level space required
Medium Bell Tent (4.5m diameter size) | 6.5m x 6.5m level space required
Large Bell Tent (5m diameter size) | 7m x 7m level space required
Range Tent (2.4m x 2.4m size) | 3m x 3m level space required

Additional information & diagrams available on request

Site Access:

Depending on camp size, equipment will be transported to site in either a bakkie with trailer or small- medium sized truck.
We require a detailed description of access road to ensure our vehicles can reach the allocated site. If the site can not be reached by one of our vehicles alternative arrangements need to be made IN ADVANCE

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